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A right to be forgotten. Yair Cohen, UK expert lawyer in removing web pages from the internet speaks at Google Campus, London.

A right to be forgotten. Legal adviceAn important ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU might mean that you and your children could ‎have a right to have information deleted from the internet.

The ruling came after Mario Costeja Gonzalez, a Spanish man, complained that a search of ‎his name in Google brought up newspaper articles from 16 years ago about a sale of property ‎to recover money he owed.

He said the matter had been resolved and should no longer be ‎linked to him whenever his name was searched on Google.‎ The Judges ordered Google to erase links to two webpages from its search results because ‎they believed that EU laws already include a right to be forgotten. ‎

This ruling is likely to impact on our strategic approach to webpage removals. It is likely to ‎bring more predictability to our client’s outcomes and to increase the success rate of web page deletion. ‎

Link to the full judgement of the Court of Justice of the EU Google v  Mario Costeja González

Our clients have already received legal advice on how to speed up the deletion of webpages that may ‎include general information about them, information about their childhood period and about ‎young age misdemeanors, information about spent criminal convictions, spent director’s ‎disqualification, links to businesses and companies and perhaps even to old postal addresses.

So far, Google’s has inconsistently agreed to de-list webpages from its search engine upon ‎our requests. In most cases Google agreed to the de-listing of webpages only after it was ‎served with either a Data Protection Notice or with court papers. Google has also been ‎inconsistent with the removed of autocomplete phrases from Google Search bar.

‎If you or members of your family wish to delete information from Google searches across the European Union network there is a good chance that we can help. Call us to obtain legal advice

What does the right to be forgotten mean to you as a European?

Luke Scanlon Lawyer and Technology Law Expert at Pinsent Masons and Yair Cohen Social Media Lawyer at Cohen Davis.  Huffpost Live


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