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  • Defamation against a business

    Defamation against a business on internet forums, blogs and other social media could very easily slip out of control and turn a business’ reputation from brilliant to poor. Typically, a single customer or a former employee will post defamation against a business they had engaged with to create the false impression of general customer’s dissatisfaction. Often this type of action becomes self- fulfilling prophecy. Real or potential customers become influenced by the negativity they read about the business online and they respond by either moving away from the company or by not engaging with it in the first place.

    Before responding to a negative review or to online defamation against your business, remember that once you post a statement online, you might never be able to take it back. Always consider the impact of any statement you volunteer to the online community on your business’ long term reputation.

  • Defamation against a company

  • Defamation injunction

  • Defamation on the internet case studies

    If you suffer from defamation on the internet, you might want to find out if anyone else had suffered from the same issue and whether there was someone out there who was able to successfully help them. Sometimes with common online defamation issues we put out a case study to help others learn and benefit from our extensive internet law experience.

  • Defamation restaurant review

  • Domain name solicitor

  • EU Privacy Lawyer

    Cohen Davis is a leading EU privacy law firm advising clients from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia on European privacy law. Our privacy law lawyers provide specialist Counsel advice on privacy law in legal documents, drafting privacy law contracts and agreement and providing support to UK and USA law firms in relation to EU privacy law matters concerning their clients. We help companies comply with EU privacy law obligations and to individual enforce their rights under European and UK privacy laws.
  • Getting disclosure from Google

    Information about how to obtain a disclsoure order from Google

    If you want to know how to get disclosure from Google about a Google user who uses Google Blogger, Google Plus, Google Maps or any other Google service to post defamation and/or harassing material about you or about your company on the internet, give us a call and we will help you.

    Getting disclosure from GoogleAfter nearly 10 years of obtaining disclosure orders against Google, we have pretty much streamlined our processes of obtaining a variety of disclosure orders in relation to most Google services.

    We work, together with Google's legal

  • Legal action defamation

  • Legal liability of website operators in the UK

    Let us help you to smoothly manage your online forum by removing any worries about the legal stuff

    The most practical way for you, as an operator of a website or an internet forum in the UK, to protect your position is to know what your rights and obligations are. Yes, there is plenty of information on the internet which you can read but much of it (we are told by our clients) is either too general or too detailed for you to be sure of your true legal position.

    To keep things simple but safe we invite you to call us today and to speak with an expert internet lawyer in a consultation dedicated to you and to your business. There are only 3 or 4 law firms in the UK which genuinely specialises in internet law and which are able to offer you a long term relationship of trust coupled with outstanding legal advice and support. As an operator of an online forum or a

  • Online defamation estate agents

  • Online harassment lawyer

  • Online harassment legal action

  • Online review defamation

    If you operate a business, any business, you are almost certainly susceptible to defamatory online reviews. Our  extensive experience shows that defamation on online reviews comes to most hard working business owners like a bolt from the blue. At first, too many business owners consider defamatory online reviews as nuisance until the negative reviews begin to bite into reputation and profit.

    We probably know more than any other law firm in the UK about defamation on online reviews and we have, over the years, developed a number of creative and effective ways to help hundreds of UK business owners win over those who post defamation about them on online reviews.

  • Remoe defamation Muckrack.

  • Remove breaches of trademarks

  • Remove criminal record from the internet

    Criminal convictions that appear on the internet are often hugely detrimental to anyone who wants to get their life back after being convicted by a court of any offence. The more serious the conviction is the more you would want publication of it to go away, particularly if you are entitled to be rehabilitated by law.

    Our solicitors have huge amount of experience in making successful applications to Google and to the ICO to have information about past criminal convictions and other legal proceedings removed from the internet. If anyone one can help you remove criminal record from the internet it would us, based on our extensive experience.

  • Remove defamation Blogger

  • Remove defamation ComplaintsBoard

  • Remove defamation from wordpress solicitor

  • Remove defamation hotel

  • Remove defamation Rip Off Report

  • Remove defamation ScamExposure

  • Remove defamation solicitor

    If you or your company are the target of defamatory online publications, read on because our defamation solicitors are likely to have come across a similar defamation removal case to yours already, which they would have cracked for another victim.

    Our defamation solicitors have successfully removed defamation from hundreds of websites across the world and have excellent relationships with defamation lawyers in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, which means we often achieve speedy and cost effective outcomes for our clients.

  • Remove Google reviews

  • Remove harassing posts from online forums

  • remove harassment

  • Remove my name from Google.

    There are different ways by which you can remove your name from Google search results. If you want to remove your name from Google because search results that Google presents are defamatory, you can either do this by applying defamation law, privacy law or data protection law.

    If the information that Google presents about you is not defamatory but is private or perhaps is not private but you have decided that you are no longer wishing for it to be presented to the world via Google searches, you can in most cases use European data protection and privacy laws to have the information removed from Google searches.

    If the information that you wish to remove includes images or videos, which perhaps in the past you were happy for Google to present but now you feel slightly uncomfortable with, you can utilise data protection law, privacy law and copyright law to

  • Remove porn videos from the internet

    If you are serious about taking steps to remove porn videos from the internet regardless of how many of them are out there, call us now! We have experienced lawyers and an award winning dedicated legal and technical team who will do their utmost to help you achieve your goal.

  • Remove post Paydayloansdigest

  • Remove posts from LiveLeak

  • Remove private information from the internet.

    Remove private information from the internet There are different ways by which you can remove private information from the internet. Private information could be information that you put on the internet yourself but that you no longer wish for it to remain online. Private information is also information or data that was placed on the internet by others.

    It could be your address, your date of birth, names of members of your family and other information, which if processed in a certain way, could be considered as private. Private information that you can remove from the internet may also include images and videos showing your face or body, whether posted by you or by others.

    You can remove private information from the internet by using privacy law, data protection law, copyright law and sometimes even defamation law. Often, however, a well written letter to

  • Remove review Yelp

  • Reputation risk lawyers

    As companies find themselves being increasingly challenged by reputation risks in times of crisis, early and well established relationship between company management and a trusted reputation lawyer becomes increasingly crucial. Cohen Davis’  extensive experience in managing reputation crisis for businesses across he UK is priceless. You can trust us when you need the right person to be there for you at the right time.

  • Right to be forgotten appeal ICO legal advice

    Right to be forgotten appeal ICO legal advice
  • Right to be forgotten solicitor

    A successful application to Google under a Right to be Forgotten might seem only 1000 characters away. Google makes it look easy, simple and straight forward and so as your own general lawyer might.

    But be careful! Usually you only get one go at it and once your application is refused, Google will be unlikely to change its mind. Don’t gamble with the one opportunity you were offered to remove information from the internet. You deserve more. Make sure you call our right to be forgotten privacy lawyers first and certainly before you or your local lawyer submit any application to Google.

  • Social media litigation lawyer

    Cohen Davis an award winning and the UK first true social media litigation law firm.

    Our social media litigation lawyers prepare trial strategies from the very first day we are instructed on a case, which often helps us resolve matters very swiftly. Our social media litigation lawyers conduct cases both in the UK and in the USA and work together with some of the very best USA attorneys.

    We issue and serve injunctions and subpoenas quicker than our client can often imagine is possible and our social media litigation lawyers regularly deal with lawyers of Facebook, Google and Twitter ensuring a smooth and fast delivery of fantastic results for our clients.

  • Testimonials

  • Training contract

    Training Contract

    Training Contract vacancy 

    We always have a training contract vacancy available for a quality candidate. We are accepting applications for training contracts on an ongoing basis. A training contract with Cohen Davis solicitors can last between 2 years, for a trainee solicitor who have already passed the LPC, to 5 years for those who wish to train with us and undertake the LPC at the same time.

    We will also consider sponsoring the LPC for the right training contract applicant. Other than applications for training contracts we consider applications for positions of paralegal regardless of whether you already have a law degree. If you believe that you have what it takes to pursue a career with a niche law firm that specialises in internet law, please feel free to send us an email with a covering note and a copy of your CV.

  • UK defamation lawyer

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