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 I have been defamed on the internet. What can I do about this?

The ability to list web pages on the top page of the search results for a long period of time is normally a function of either excellent workmanship or an unintended  random consequence of Google algorithm. Names of individuals and companies are easy targets for the purpose of internet defamation or even just to cause someone reputational, emotional or financial damage. 

Perpetrators of online defamation often purchase domain names, or URLs, which carry the names of their victim, they then use social media accounts sometimes under their victim's name and create blogs and blog posts, which also display the name of their victim to cause maximum reputational damage. This way, they make it very easy for Google to display the defamatory search results on the top of the search pages. This process is called search engine optimisation or "opposite SEO" and it can be used to devastate the victim's life.

In some cases the information published about the victim is not necessarily false. True information can be equally damaging to one's reputation and affect the victim's ability to obtain employment or progress their personal and business lives. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to repairing damaged internet reputation and the recovery process can take some time to complete. Each day of inaction by the victim makes the subsequent job of reputation restoration even more challenging.

Even when bad pages have been appearing undisturbed at the top of the search results for some time, it is still important to act fast to remove them. Each day that goes by helps to cement the high position of the defamatory or unpleasant search results.

It also makes it harder to obtain appropriate court orders that will eventually result in the removal of those the damaging search results from the internet. We help individual remove information from the internet regardless of whether the information is defamatory or not. We do this by applying principles of breach of privacy, misuse of private information and harassment. We remove from Google and altogether websites about previous convictions, aged bankruptcies and other information which might have been relevant in the past but its publication today in our view is no longer justified.

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